Why Chill Out Free Tour?

LISBON CHILL OUT FREE WALKING TOUR is a great way to get to know Lisbon. Whether staying for a month or for a day, our Free Walking Tour will always fit in your schedule.

Our guides love Lisbon and they enrich each and every tour with their unique knowledge of the town and its history.

The free tour concept operates on a donation system. We trust travelers to give a fair and honest value that is within their possibilities. This 2:30-3:30 hours long, English or Spanish, free walking tour goes deeper than just introducing the famous sites: we tell the city’s history, with amazing and interesting stories and legends. We start off in Chiado from where the tour can head anywhere in town!

Our guides are interesting individuals with different knowledge and points of view, and will arrange the best tour WITH you before it starts!

We're an independent organisation. Any recommendation given during our tour is based on our personal tastes and experience. We won't try to sell you anything and we don't receive commissions from places we recommend.

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Our partners

We are a proud member of Free Walking Tours By Locals and United Europe Free Tours, networks of independent local tour operators offering free tours and other unforgettable experiences in different European cities - STRESS AND HUSTLE - FREE!

United Europe Free Tours is an independent network of free walking tours operating through continental Europe, offering you the very best tours in terms of quality and entertainment, with all the latest tips on entertainment, best restaurants and bars, without any booking or commission!

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