Born and raised in Lisbon, he describes himself as a laid-back explorer and a backpacker who enjoys history, archeology and urban myths and legends which you can hear only from a local or friend showing you around the city.
His biggest challenge is to find constant new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does - and that is exactly why he loves to use his imagination on the tours and give you that authentic local experience!



Born in Porto, she fell in love with Lisbon and chose the city to be her forever home and call the streets of Lisbon her “little backyard”! With a masters in Microbiology she loves science and nature, but soon realized, after living abroad, that she loved to share everything about her country, culture and people through her personal life and stories and what better way to this than becoming a guide? She loves to travel and discover new places and cultures without forgetting the yet unknown bits of her own country. With a very eclectic set of tastes she loves History, Nature, Literature, Food and…more Food. All of this always with a smile and pinch of humor!



Born and raised in Sintra and Lisboa. She’s very passionate in everything she does, and a little bit dramatic. She also loves nature and everything related to it (had she not been a biologist). She’s an adventurer and always searching for new sensations; when she can’t find them in real life she turns to books. If you ask her what to do in Lisboa, other than go to the viewpoints with a drink. She will tell you to walk around, get lost eat Portuguese food and repeat the process.



Born and raised in Lisbon, Carolina loves to people-watch around the city. To have an excuse to do so, she studied anthropology. She loves to enjoy the city with her friends or by herself, is always down for a good laugh and will never say no to a plan that includes (portuguese) food, (portuguese) wine and (portuguese) coffee! Her favourite place in Lisbon is one with a river view, where you’ll find her with a book and a pair of knitting needles. When travelling, Carolina has a passion for learning about other cultures, customs and traditions, and as a tour guide, now she has the opportunity to share about hers.



Born and raised in Oeiras (Lisbon), Beatriz likes to read and to learn, nature and dreams of adventures. Her favourite things about Lisbon are the Sea, the Sun and the Food, all of which are a permanent fixture and inspiration in her life. After wanting to be a dolphin coach, a teacher and a rockstar, she settled on being a biologist. But her curiosity had no bounds so, after her bachelor's, she traded the lab coat for hiking shoes; as a tour guide she found that she can travel in Time, share her passion for her city, country and culture, and, most importantly, justify her voracious reading and appetite for learning and eating.



Emili is a half Portuguese, half Swedish girl who loves the history of her own city and to be able to share it with others. Having grown up and lived in several different countries around the world she decided to come back to Lisbon where she feels most at home. Her main interest is archaeology which she has a masters degree in,as well as Portuguese gastronomy and hiking in the various regions of the country.



A typical girl from Lisbon, Ana is in Love with her city. If you ask her what you should do in Lisboa, she will tell you the best thing is to walk around the streets, eat sardines and taste the Portuguese wine. She is an adventurer and loves to travel, but nothing keeps her away from Lisbon for too long.
She started by studying Computer Science in college, but quickly changed her mind and took a degree in Arts History, since culture is what she is truly passionate about



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