Born and raised in Lisbon, he describes himself as a laid-back explorer and a backpacker who enjoys history, archeology and urban myths and legends which you can hear only from a local or friend showing you around the city.
His biggest challenge is to find constant new sensations, new emotions throughout what he does - and that is exactly why he loves to use his imagination on the tours and give you that authentic local experience!



Raised in Sintra and Lisbon, Sofia loves to travel and find the hidden details that usually go unnoticed and that make each place so unique. After studying Tourism Management and working in big hotels, she realised that talking to people and helping them have the best stay possible was the best part of the job! So, becoming a tour guide was the perfect solution to meet new people and learn about new cultures every day, while also sharing personal experiences and all the amazing things Lisbon has to offer.



Emili is a half Portuguese, half Swedish girl who loves the history of her own city and to be able to share it with others. Having grown up and lived in several different countries around the world she decided to come back to Lisbon where she feels most at home. Her main interest is archaeology which she has a masters degree in,as well as Portuguese gastronomy and hiking in the various regions of the country.



The passion for architecture, art and history drove her to seek some new ways of sharing this feeling of wonderful Lisbon and its unique light and colour that not everyone notices.
With a masters degree in architecture and a curious mind for other cultures she likes to explore the city from a different perspective every day!



Mariana is a girl from the coast. A mix of Portuguese and Brazilian natives. Growing up in front of the sea, she is calm, relaxed, has a soft and sensitive way to lead people. Formed in cultural production, she’s also a businesswoman, co-owner of VALSA, a cultural center in Lisbon, where the best cultural activities & artists can be found. Ask for her recommendations and you won’t regret!



A typical girl from Lisbon, Ana is in Love with her city. If you ask her what you should do in Lisboa, she will tell you the best thing is to walk around the streets, eat sardines and taste the Portuguese wine. She is an adventurer and loves to travel, but nothing keeps her away from Lisbon for too long.
She started by studying Computer Science in college, but quickly changed her mind and took a degree in Arts History, since culture is what she is truly passionate about



We are currently expanding our team and looking for new tour guides who are in love with Lisbon and want to share their knowledge with others. If you think you are the right person for this job - contact us today!